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This has been one crazy week! Once springtime came we got really busy. And, one of the best parts about being busy is getting to do more blog entries. The one for today is about an amazing little restaurant around the corner from our house. When we left Beaver Falls for Chicago two years ago the Ball Joint had not yet been opened. But, when we visited over those years we noticed a new shop that started catching our attention, The Ball Joint.

Ball Joint Menu

At first I wondered, “What in the world is that?” I simplistically, and incorrectly, came to the conclusion that The Ball Joint was an Italian restaurant with a clever name. A clever name they have, but simply an Italian restaurant they are not! I stopped in to meet Bryan, the owner, and he was really accommodating to letting us write a story about his shop. After trying his hand at a series of other jobs he and his wife decided to open The Ball Joint.


Owners and GM

The shop has grown over the past two years and has even moved locations once in order to expand. Business is doing well and there are loyal customers who have their regular seats. This is great news, not just for the Ball Joint, but for Beaver Falls. I was overjoyed when I overheard a man say, “Hey Dad!” Later, the father stopped in the kitchen door to tell Bryan how much he appreciated the good food and could see why his son ate there so frequently.


But, the question still might linger in peoples’ minds, “If the Ball Joint is not an Italian place, what is it?” We’ll that’s hard to pin down. They do make Italian food, but they also make meatballs into everything from kabobs to burritos. It seems like the Ball Joint is always seeking ways to create new dishes with their meatballs.

BallritoDishesFriesBall KabobFrench FriesSandwiches

And, just in case someone might be wondering, no, not all of their meatballs are ground beef. I was shocked when I got home and ate the Ballrito they had made for us and it contained chicken meatballs. I am so impressed by the Ball Joint. Olivia and I will certainly be stopping by again in the future.

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  • jessicaMay 8, 2015 - 10:40

    YUM! Their food looks absolutely delicious! Definitely worth visiting the Ball Joint!ReplyCancel

  • Rosanna JMay 8, 2015 - 11:02

    Wow! Now I’m hungry! These pictures make me want to go visit right now!ReplyCancel

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