Beaver Falls Baby Photography


Beaver Falls Baby Photography

buy cialis viagra levitra Last week I had the pleasure of taking 6 month valentine photos of sweet little Everette. I met Everette and his mom at my local MOPs group. I love MOPs. To be honest, Bryan says I NEED MOPs. If you’re a new mom or mom of little ones, you need to check it out. I look forward to going and hearing the encouraging talks given by various speakers. And, maybe most importantly, having an actual conversation with another mom, without interruptions. MOPs is such a great way to get recharged, get back on top of my goals, and is a wonderful way to meet new friends. Everette’s mom, Lauren, and I met the first day of MOPs since we ended up being assigned to the same table. When the MOPs group put on a small business day a few months ago, I was there with our albums and canvas prints to represent our photography business and Lauren got a hold of us a few weeks later about doing a valentines day themed 6 month photo session with Everette.

We found out that our youngest son, Daniel, and Everette have a lot in common. Daniel is just 1 week older than Everette. And, not just that, they were also born in the same room at The Midwife Center in Pittsburgh! Talk about a small world.

Everette, is such a cutie and needless to say we really liked his pictures and had a blast with the family.


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