Beaver Falls Cash Mob

Today (8/8) is the second day of the Beaver Falls Cash Mob! So, what does this have to do with Schneider Family Photography? In short, everything.

See, Olivia and I started our photography business in Beaver Falls for a specific reason, community. This community is awesome. When we realized I was going to go to seminary in Pittsburgh, we had a choice to make. We could either move to Pittsburgh and commute up to Beaver Falls every Sunday for church or we could live in Beaver Falls and commute to Pittsburgh for school.  We chose to live in Beaver Falls.



Beaver Falls is unlike any other place we’ve ever lived. We knew if we lived in Beaver Falls we would be surrounded by friends and church family whom we love and who would support us. An intricate part of what makes this community are the awesome shops in the community. Olivia and I love the atmosphere of the community. If you take a stroll down 4th Ave (route 18) you are met with shops that are owned by people we know, people we like, people from the community.

It’s easy to take these places for granted. We walk into Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea to meet friends and just assume it will always be there. That’s because Bethany and Russ Warren have thought out how to make the shop inviting and comfortable. They don’t rush customers. Instead, you feel at home and ready to talk with people you love. Indeed, one of our favorite things is to see all the families who spend time in the shop Saturday mornings to have breakfast from Waffles INCaffeinated.

Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea

Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea

Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea

Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea

Another shop that just opened and is, again, AWESOME, is College Hill Ice Cream Shoppe. This shop is owned by Ben and Ruby Vos. Their shop opening was highly anticipated by the community. Our kiddos know the shop by name and ask us to go there every time we drive past. (click here to see the article we did on them previously).

Ice cream cone

Ice cream cone

Ice cream cone

Ice cream cone

Bryan and Amanda own The Ball Joint. We did an article on them before. I can’t believe how good their food is. I can’t imagine how anyone could walk into their restaurant and not start drooling. Their food is delicious and the owners are incredibly nice people. This is one of those places customers come to week after week because their food is just that good. They’ve won award after award this year for their amazing products and everyone should go check them out!




Ball Joint Menu

The next place to grab some food on College Hill during the Cash Mob today is Chong’s. This place is a favorite for anyone who has gone to Geneva College. Chong makes amazing Korean cuisine. If your up to some extra spicy food apparently you can ask her for a special order.

20150808_NIKON D700_198_schneiderfamilyphotography

Are you starting to see what we mean by an awesome community?

There’s even more than this though. Also on College Hill are two amazing places to get your hair done. Hair America and Cutters 3. Both of these places are awesome. The week before our wedding I trusted Hair America to cut my hair. Then 2 weeks ago I needed my hair trimmed before I met with some clients. Cutters 3 was the only place open and she rushed to get me in before a client came. She seriously saved the day.

Hair America

Hair America

Cutters 3

Cutters 3

Cutters 3

Cutters 3

CoHill Fashion is owned by our friend and former neighbor Coleen. This is a great shop for any woman looking for some good fashion. I was shocked when I walked into the store and saw her inventory. But of course it’s more than just the stuff; Coleen loves her clients and does everything she can to help them out. You can seen the story we did on CoHill Fashion here.





women's clothing


The last place we have time to write about is our community’s awesome pharmacy, College Hill Pharmacy. These people are a huge help to us. So many times Olivia and I need things random things that we just don’t want to drive all the way to Chippewa to get. College Hill Pharmacy will typically have any daily items you need. But, of course they are also a pharmacy. They take superb care of their customers. They’ve always worked with us on prescriptions. They have even told us cheaper alternatives to expensive medications that we’ve been prescribed. You can see the story we wrote about them here.



Kids station



Willow Figurines

So, what is the Cash Mob about?

Community and People we care about.

Let’s help support these companies that make our community the amazing place it is.

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