Beaver Falls Engagement

Beaver Falls Engagement Session

Rachel and Trevor’s engagement has a crazy scheduling story behind it. There are times when couples ask us for a certain time and date for their session and everything runs smoothly. This was not one of those. This session was scheduled to happen at Brush Creek on a Thursday. But, being western Pennsylvania it was raining that night. So… we rescheduled for that Saturday. But, then there was rain forecasted for Saturday! We started wracking our brains about what to do. We decided to do an indoor session at a local coffee house and then go out and play in the rain. But, since most of the towns around here change hours once colleges get out for the summer we had to push up our time line.

Rachel and Trevor were troopers through all of it. They laughed at the rescheduling and weather and went with the flow. Once all of the logistics were worked out with location and scheduling things went great. They started their engagement session at Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea. Then we went over to a little town down the road to take pictures.

So when planning your engagement session, remember, just go with the flow! Don’t worry about stuff and have fun. After all of our rescheduling and logistics we ended up having a beautiful sunny afternoon! The rain held off for the entire engagement session and we had a blast with this couple. It’s amazing how frequently this type of stuff happens. But, that’s how things go. We love working with couples who laugh at life, love each other, and go with the flow.

So, here you go, Rachel and Trevor’s Beaver Falls Engagement session. We can’t tell you how excited we are to photograph and celebrate their wedding next year!


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