How we got our dream job

Love your wife and do grad school

The answer to how we got our dream job is really a fun story. While I was in graduate school Olivia made an off the cuff comment that eventually changed our world. She kindly said, “Bryan someday when you’re done with school, I would like to chase one of my passions.” Right then I knew what she was talking about. Olivia loves music and photography. So, when I got an e-mail from the New York Institute of Photography I took a jump. The e-mail said that if I paid the full tuition up front we would get a 30% discount. So I did it. But not only did I do it; I did it while Olivia was sleeping. Then I had to break the news to her. When she woke up, I told her that she was enrolled in photography school.

That’s what all sane people do right? Everyone who is in graduate school thinks they’ll have free time to pick up a new hobby right? Not really. I just figured Olivia and I could do something together instead of just watching Netflix.

Amazing Mentors

We started learning the ins and outs of the craft. Then we started to take pictures of our friends and their families. Soon we found ourselves doing it more and more. Then some friends moved to our church who were wedding photographers. Michel and Heather at One Way Street Productions started mentoring us. Seriously, we couldn’t have asked for better friends. We would go over to their house, hang out, watch our kids play, eat good food, and watch photography tutorials and practice concepts. As if that wasn’t enough they even let Olivia come along to a wedding with them to practice!

Then my dad told us about an old friend who was a wedding photographer in the next town over. Bryan Landerman is an extremely talented wedding photographer and quickly became a friend and a mentor to us. Not only did he teach and critique us he even let us tag along to weddings to learn what in the world we were doing.

Going Full Time

So when we moved to the Pittsburgh area we realized it was time to take the plunge. We had been given amazing opportunities and loved working with awesome couples. Weddings are seriously the best. And for photographers you either love them or hate them. Soon we found out that we not only loved them we were addicted to them. We seriously still get excited and do happy dances in the kitchen when we’re about to go to weddings now. Olivia and I are so humbled and excited that the once hobby turned into a deep passion. And we have been blessed with the best couples ever.

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