Groomsmen Responsibilities

Okay, so you’ve been chosen to be a groomsman, now what do you do? Here’s a short list of groomsmen responsibilities that will help you on the wedding day. The number one main task is to be a right hand man. You were chosen to be a groomsmen because your important. Obviously the groom trusts you. So whatever you can do to take the stress off the day, you’ll want to do it.

Before the Wedding

#1 – No drunk grooms

Don’t let the groom get drunk before the wedding. You know what this means, make sure he doesn’t have a hangover from the night before. We can’t tell you how many grooms regret their hangovers and whiskey breath the day of their wedding. Have a good time but don’t let him regret or worse not remember his own wedding.

#2 – Bachelor Party

Plan out the bachelor party. Our advice is that you do this a few days or even a few weeks before the wedding instead of the day before. Remember this is your buddy and you’re not trying to ruin his marriage before it starts. We’ve heard tons of great ideas: Hunting, poker, camping, golfing, whiskey tasting, skiing, beach house get away, paint balling, whitewater rafting, fishing, cigar tasting, skydiving, baseball, football, hockey, basketball, dirt biking. Your job, find what’s fun for the groom and go hang out–stress free.

#3 – Present

A great custom is for you to buy the groom a present. The best ones are always when all of the groomsmen pitch in for it and buy him something really cool.

#4 – Rehearsal

It seems silly to have to say it, but you should be at both the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. All groomsmen are going to want to be there to make sure smaller details are ironed out. Sometimes these are a big deal on the day the wedding. You’re going to want to think about stuff like who’s pulling down the aisle runner, who are you walking down the aisle with, what’s the order of events on the wedding day, & etc.

On the Wedding Day

Help the Groom get Ready

Okay, you’re going to need to get to the hotel or venue early to help the groom get ready and make sure he’s calm and ready before the ceremony. Don’t let him stand around getting all nervous. If you know he likes sports turn on the game. If you know he likes basketball go shoot some hoops.  Here’s a big one groomsmen often forget: make sure he eats some food and drinks water! And, you are normally the one who gets to drive the groom to the ceremony location.

Be the go to man

At the wedding the groomsmen are responsible for helping the groom before the ceremony while also being ready to answer any questions guests or vendors might have. Here’s some practical things you can do to help:

  • Make sure the groom and all groomsmen have their boutonnieres before the ceremony
  • Familiarize yourself with the venue so you can help guests. Know where the best place to park is, where the restrooms are, where the food and drinks are, & etc.
  • Be ready for crazy last minute stuff to help with like: lugging around supplies, helping with last minute decorations, carrying bags and suitcases. Basically you’re key to making sure things go smoothly. Everyone is looking to you for help from the groom & bride, to the mother, photographer, wedding planner, florist, caterer, & etc.

Greeting and Escorting

You’re going to want to help escort people down the aisle. This is also when you’ll want to give out programs.

  • Bride’s family on the left — Groom’s family on the Right.  Sometimes there aren’t “sides” so make sure you are aware of this as well.
  • If there’s multiple people waiting to be ushered — usher the closest in the family first and then oldest to youngest.

Speeches and Dances

Plan your speech ahead of time. Speak from the heart not from the cuff. Trust us, it will go better if you’ve planned ahead. You’ll also want to help get people on the dance floor, seriously this is harder than it looks sometimes.

Send them packing at the end of the night

Help the groom and his bride get out of there easily.

  • Normally it’s the groomsmen’s responsibility to arrange and decorate the limo or car taking the bride and groom away.
  • Make sure you know where their bags are so you can have them ready and in the limo or car so they can leave for their honeymoon knowing you’ve taken care of it.
  • Lastly, at the end of the night help with any clean up and getting wedding presents to where they’re supposed to go.
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