Mini Shoots Spring 2015

Last Saturday we did our semiannual mini shoots. But, for the first time we did them at our new home, Beaver Falls, PA. We had a great turn out with some great families.

Our mini shoots are a time that we get to offer families a quick, affordable, and fun mini photo shoot. Clients don’t get the full treatment or number of photos we give in our full packages. A few of our clients told us they had been putting off family pictures for years. But, when they saw this deal they thought now was the time.

That’s what we do this for. It’s really fun getting to take families’ pictures in a quick paced and fun environment. We bring the kids, put up a tent, bring toys, and have a ball. Olivia and I tag team the photography and lighting to make everything go smoothly. Our mini shoots are offered strictly to these two times (spring and fall). We try to accommodate as many clients as we can and hit full capacity this time.

So, here are the images!

Our first mini session was a senior portrait session of a friend from church. She also wants to learn how to become a professional photographer after high school.


Senior PortraitSenior Portrait


Our next mini session was of a few friends from Beaver, Pa. These girls were really active and were having difficulty sitting for portraits. So, we just had fun and tried to catch them as they played and explored.


Easter Girls exploringMom with daughter


Our third mini session was of another photographer and her family. We are always nervous about photographing other photographers. But, it always ends well. They were a fun family who knew how to play and have fun in front of the camera.


Quirky smile for the cameraHusband and Wife laughing

Our fourth mini shoot was a family who were good friends of the previous family. It was a big encouragement to us that not only the photographer’s family above found us on Facebook and booked us; but, she had her friend (whom she photographs) book a session with us. We got to take a picture of both families together. And then some pictures of the other family alone. Their son was really active. We were glad we brought those toys since he loved playing with the tractor.


dual family mini shootBoy with tractorGirl smiling for camera during mini shoot

Our fifth (and sixth) mini shoot of the day was another College Hill family. We had a blast photographing some new friends of ours. The family booked two sessions when they contacted us. One for their family and another for Dad to get some portraits done. We thought this was a cool way for them to get them done affordably.

Little boy smilingProfessional portraitBig smiles at mini sessionFamily Portrait


Our seventh mini session for this spring was a family we met for the first time on Saturday! A fun family with a newborn we thought was just adorable.


Smiling babySiblings smiling


Our eighth mini shoot for the day was a family we had just become friends with before we had moved to Chicago. Sadly, it looks like we won’t get to stay in the same town for very long. But, for the time we have gotten to spend with them they have become dear to us. We are glad we got the opportunity to capture the fun loving and high spirited nature of this great family.


Silly faceschildren's portraitmom and her boysBoys posing


Our ninth mini shoot was some of our good friends from church and Geneva. We haven’t seen this family since their son was 3 weeks old. What a big change!


baby cryingBaby smiling


Our tenth and final mini shoot was a family who was able to connect with us through Olivia’s MOPS group at the local EFCA Church in Chippewa, Pathway. What a great way to round off an extremely busy Saturday.


Husband and wife Portaitboy giving mom kiss


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