Multicultural Wedding

Ruth & Nathaniel’s Multicultural Wedding

Weddings are always amazing. But sometimes you go to a wedding where you realize that something extra special is happening. That’s what we realized when we arrived at Ruth and Nathaniel’s wedding. They were surrounded by so many people from different walks of life and cultures. And when we say multicultural wedding we mean it. So many people from Ruth’s family made the long journey from Thailand to be at her wedding in Pittsburgh. Weddings are such an amazing event that family members are willing to travel half way around the world to witness and support their loved ones.

The love that binds Ruth and Nathaniel together crosses all cultural, ethnic, and generational boundaries. Their love shows the timelessness and beauty of marriage. We can’t describe how blessed we felt getting to be part of their wedding.

multicultural weddingmulticultural weddingmulticultural weddingmulticultural wedding

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