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So every once in a while we like to give you some background info. So today is one of those day. Today we’re going to talk with you a little bit about your photography equipment.

We talk a lot about thing with your wedding. How important it is to make a connection with you. How important it is for your photographer to get you as a person. But lets face it a photographer who doesn’t know what their doing is pretty worthless.

So what’s one of the most important items any wedding photographer should have in their bag? A lens, and lots of them.

All of our cameras at the studio are what are known as full frame. This means their sensors are roughly the same size as a 35mm film frame was. This is a large sensor that needs large lenses. You wold be surprised at how heavy these things are!

Photography Equipment Front sense element of lens Schneider Photography brings to a wedding

We are always looking for the best lenses that fit our studio. We are always on the search for what is going to make our images sharper, clearer, and give us the most creative flexibility we can get during you wedding.

So here you go, this is a sampling of our favorite lenses to bring to weddings.

A row of photography camera equipment lenses Schneider Photography brings to Pittsburgh Weddings



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