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There are many wonderful things about doing Pittsburgh Family Photography, most of all getting to work with great families.

A few months ago we did a session for a sweet family at Mellon Park in Pittsburgh. The shoot came out incredible and the family loved it. What came as a pleasant surprise to us was that other families loved their pictures as well. In fact one liked them so much they asked if we could take their family’s pictures. We are humbled whenever this happens.

Well, the Ling family was amazing. Like the Ekstrands they have a little daughter who is full of energy. And, like the Ekstrands the Ling family needed to get the shoot in before bed time. (For photographers, this means waiting until golden hour is not an option). This is something Olivia and I know really well since our kids also have an early bed time.

This presents a few challenges to us as photographers. One being the sunlight, at 6 o’clock in July the sun is still very hot and bright. This means we need to find ways to stay cool and in the shade. We love family photography because there are so many variables: shyness, hot weather, bright sunlight, and temperament as bedtime approaches. All of these compound the difficulties of making sure shots are technically right. One of the best ways to get children, like Charlotte, comfortable in front of the camera is by taking pictures with the family to start, then letting them see their pictures in the back of the camera. As the shoot goes on we like to interact and play with the kids. We don’t like stoic poses. We love seeing kids kissed, playing with their parents, and just being hams in front of the camera. Rachel, Charlotte’s mom, had the great idea of bringing along a bubble machine. It was such a blast watching Charlotte giggle as she chased them around.

There are a few things we try to avoid. One is saying “smile.” We want real smiles from our families, not cheesy ones. We also try to avoid making children do a specific pose. If the kid doesn’t want to do x,y, or z they’re not going to, or they will but it will look unsurprisingly unnatural. We try our hardest to get shots quickly and move on. Family photography should be fast paced and fun, at least we think so. We hope you enjoy the Ling family’s photos. We had a blast doing them and can’t wait to do more Pittsburgh family photography.

Pittsburgh Family Photography at Mellon Park in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh Family Photography at Mellon Park in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh Family Photography at Mellon Park in Pittsburgh, PA.Pittsburgh Family Photography at Mellon Park in Pittsburgh, PA.

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