Poland Ohio Wedding

Natalie and Randy’s Poland Ohio Wedding

One of our friends in the area gave us a really fun opportunity the other week. She asked if we might want to come to help her photograph a wedding at the Lake Club in Poland, Ohio. This was a blast since normally when we help people photograph weddings its one of us or the other. But, our good friends offered to watch the kiddos and we both helped out. Call us photography nerds but we got really excited about getting to photograph with each other. See that’s why we originally started Schneider Family Photography. Olivia and I wanted to do something we both passionately loved and do it together. So, when we got invited to help out we were like, “SWEET! Date night!” Yes, that’s how lame we are. Photographing a wedding together for 6 hours is our date night. But, it’s so much fun to do this. First we got to help out our friend Taylor. And secondly we got to practice some lighting techniques we had been working on.

Well, the venue was gorgeous. The couple was incredible. And the wedding was beautiful. We hope you enjoy the images.

 Poland Ohio Wedding-1Poland Ohio Wedding-2Poland Ohio Wedding-3Poland Ohio Wedding-4Poland Ohio Wedding-5Poland Ohio Wedding-6Poland Ohio Wedding-7Poland Ohio Wedding-8Poland Ohio Wedding-9Poland Ohio Wedding-10Poland Ohio Wedding-11Poland Ohio Wedding-12Poland Ohio Wedding-13Poland Ohio Wedding-14Poland Ohio Wedding-15Poland Ohio Wedding-16Poland Ohio Wedding-17Poland Ohio Wedding-18Poland Ohio Wedding-19Poland Ohio Wedding-20Poland Ohio Wedding-21Poland Ohio Wedding-22Poland Ohio Wedding-23Poland Ohio Wedding-24Poland Ohio Wedding-25Poland Ohio Wedding-26Poland Ohio Wedding-27Poland Ohio Wedding-28Poland Ohio Wedding-29Poland Ohio Wedding-30Poland Ohio Wedding-31

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