Should I Have a First Look?

Okay okay so what is a first look? There’s an easy answer to this question. Do you want to see your spouse before the wedding?

If your gut answer is no. If you’ve always dreamed of your groom crying at the front of the church when they see you for the first time. Then no you don’t want want a first look. You should stop reading right now. Don’t let someone else’s advice move you away from your dream. Traditions are important. So if this is important to you hold onto your dreams. Set up your wedding to have that great moment when the doors to the church open and you walk through the back lit entrance way.

If that’s you stop reading here 🙂

However, if that tradition is not that important to you keep on reading. There are some good reasons to do a first look.

  1. You might be nervous about showing that much emotion in front of everyone. Maybe you want it to be a quiet moment between you and your fiancé before the wedding.
  2. Here are a few reasons why you might consider having a first look for timing sake.
    • If you are getting married in November and the sun is going down early this might be a good plan so you’re not rushed.
    • If you want to spend your cocktail hour actually with your guests instead of taking pictures.
    • Maybe you have a big family, we totally understand that. It might be easier to get all of your immediate family pictures done with your spouse before the wedding starts.

There are a whole bunch of other reasons you might want to have a first look. Including the fact that you might just really like taking pictures and want to give us more time with you. But these are at least a few reasons to give you some help on what works best for you. And there’s still a good chance that your groom is still going to cry when he sees you walking down the aisle for the first time anyways.

Most importantly, this is your wedding. Deciding whether or not you want to do a first look is your decision. Do what’s important to you and what you’ve always dreamed of.


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