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You’re going to have multiple photographers to choose from and they’ll all have different styles. As you can imagine we have looked and admired many wedding photographer’s websites. So what makes us unique?

Your wedding photography should match the meaning of your wedding, that’s our philosophy. We focus on

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Schneider Brides Pittsburgh Premier Wedding Photographersand FUN MOMENTS
Schneider Brides Pittsburgh Premier Wedding PhotographersWhen you look at your wedding album we want you to be taken back to your day. When you look at your wedding album it should bring feelings and memories to mind from your wedding.

That’s our style. We capture the emotion and the meaning behind the important people, traditions, and things at your wedding.

We also think about the best way to show it in your album. You see your album is how you’ll show your story for decades to come so we photograph with bright images that are going to print well and whose beauty will endure.

Our bright and airy photography style is rooted in the emotions of a wedding day. Joy, gladness, love and delight are soft, warm, and heart filling. So we capture your day that way.

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