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One of the questions you should ask and we get asked at the studio is, “why type of equipment and back up equipment do you have?”
Now that’s a hard question. The easy way would be to say, “A Lot.”

Part of being a top notch professional photographer is being prepared. It’s way important to be fully equipped for every session, every time. So in this post we’ll explain our thoughts on equipment.

We take you, your wedding, and your pictures seriously. And, to do this we need some serious equipment. There’s nothing cheap about doing it right either. I mean you’re trusting us to capture the most important day of your life, we need to take it seriously. So we bring gear and back up gear to every session.

This starts with the cameras.

Wedding Photographer Cameras

Backup Photography Equipment and Cameras for Wedding Photographer Cameras

There is one major thing we look for in our camera, dual memory card slots. This is extremely important. We need to have a redundant card, just in case a card randomly goes bad. (This happens and it’s a wedding photographer’s nightmare!)

Wedding Photographer Cameras should always have dual memory card slots.

 Of course there’s other geeky stuff we can get into as well. All of our cameras a full frame. And we do a lot of weddings in church. So all of our cameras a crazy good in dark rooms. We never use flash during the ceremony. Then of course they all have a ton of mega pixels. We routinely print wall art. One of our favorites recently is a 30″x40″ canvas handing in the studio. And all of our cameras and lenses are weather sealed. This means if it’s raining we’re still able get great images at your wedding. And hey as the grandmas always tell us “Rain on your wedding day is good luck.”

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