What Weddings Are About

What Weddings are About

Lauren and Luke’s wedding reminded us of what weddings are about. At the end of the day, weddings are not about the flowers. They’re not about the cake (or the cookie table). They aren’t even about the photos.  It’s weddings like Lauren and Luke’s that remind us of what weddings are about: family and love.

Traditions Point to Something

Traditions all have a meaning behind them and most of them point to the beauty of love and family. This wedding was full of this. It was in the simple details like Lauren’s bouquet being wrapped in her mother’s veil, the ring bearer’s pillow used in Lauren’s parents’ wedding, and Lauren’s engagement ring bought at the same store Luke’s father bought his mom’s.

Missing Loved Ones

Weddings are more than rings or veils. Weddings are about love and family. The most touching details were those honoring Luke’s mother. Lauren had only gotten to meet her a hand full of times before she passed away 4 years ago from breast cancer. As you walked into the church there was a table displaying items to honor her. There were two framed photos- one was of Luke and his mom and the other a message written by Luke’s mom in his baby book. When the mom of the groom would customarily be escorted down the aisle there was silence. Instead Luke’s father carried a bouquet of flowers to honor her.

Love & Family

That’s what weddings are about. Love and Family. Luke and Lauren’s wedding is not just about them celebrating their day but about something deeper. They represent the core of who we are–loving relational people. We are so excited for these two as their love for each other grows and their new family is established. Thank you for reminding us what weddings are about.


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