Why Photography Matters

Everyone wants purpose in their life. There’s always something driving us. At the depths of who we are there are important things. For most of us that’s our friends and family. Olivia and I were reminded of this recently.

Family Matters

We got an e-mail from a client in November. Stacey and her family were wanting to get a professional photograph of their family. She told us that her whole family was flying in from around the country for the holidays. Their family had never had professional photos done of their family before.

But soon we found out that there was something so much more. They wanted professional photos with their mom and dad. See, Stacey’s father has a genetic condition requiring full time care. They love their mom and dad and wanted to have pictures with them that would last forever. They wanted to have pictures with their dad that they could cherish.

That’s why photography matters. It’s not about quickly taking a snap shot. It’s not about the experience. Photography matters because our loved ones matter to us. That’s what makes Olivia and I keep doing this. We get to create images and capture memories for families and generations to remember. And, there’s no time too soon to get it done.

It was such privilege to photograph this family. We’re so glad they’ll have their heirloom album to remember their entire family for life and pass these memories on to generations.

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